Fast and Furious Workout

Primary Goal: To simultaneously increase muscular and cardiovascular endurance 

Workout Type: Full Body 

Training Level: Intermediate

Days Per Week: 2 to 4

Equipment: Pull up Bar 

Tempo: Fast and Furious (with good form)

The Fast and Furious movies are just plain fun. And at a time where we are overrun with sequels and remakes, I really look forward to each installment of this series. I also like the new characters/actors that they bring in like Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham. The fight in Fast Five between Diesel and Johnson was like a kid's dream come true. It's one of those scenarios that you come up with your friends but never really think that you'll see it on the big screen.

So what does all of this Fast and Furious stuff have to do with working out and staying fit? Well a lot actually. If you look into the lifestyles of most of the movie's stars, you would come up with a long list of physical activities. These actors are known for their attention to physical fitness, and they recognize it's contribution to their success. Of course, I'm not saying that you can't be successful in other areas of life if your physical fitness is poor. However, being healthy and fit does go a long way in supporting an overall successful lifestyle.

Because there are so many actors in this franchise who have varying workouts, I chose to come up with a workout that is inspired by many of their workouts, and is also inspired by the franchise itself. The Furious 7 workout is made up of 7 exercises to be performed for 7 sets of 7 reps all in a circuit. Each exercise is executed as quickly as possible. The goal is to always reduce the time taken to complete the workout. As long as you're eating healthy, you can expect to build a lean and muscular body with this fast, full body workout.

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