Resistance Training

There are so many components of a Resistance Training program that I decided to create this articles section to explain more of the why doing things a specific way yields a specific result. There are also many health benefits of resistance training that many people don’t realize. And what often surprises me is how often people don’t think that resistance training can offer aesthetic benefits to women. The common thought is that it just builds big muscles for guys to look good. That is true, but for women, resistance training builds the muscles in the right places as well. And if a woman has an adequate amount of body fat, the aesthetic results will show. Of course, the most important thing about resistance training is that it provides so many health benefits. So many that you’ll have to read the articles to find out all of them. Just know, that whoever you are, whatever your goals are, you want to be doing at least a little bit of resistance training in your home workouts.