Muscle Workouts

Some of the workouts that I have on my site are designed for specific muscle groups. This doesn’t mean that I recommend neglecting certain muscle groups. It simply means that we all have weak areas of our bodies, and sometimes we want to give them a bit of special attention. All of the workouts on this page our here so that you can do that.

Muscle specific workouts can also provide us with extra motivation because when we realize that our problem areas are getting addressed, we feel excited about working out again. Many of the general strength training workouts that I develop do not address weak areas. I use exercises that give us the best results for our efforts. All of the major muscle groups are exercised, however if you come into it with a specific imbalance then you may need a specific remedy.

For example, many people have lagging Trapezius muscles. These are the shoulder muscles that lie between the neck and deltoids. These muscles can be lagging behind in three different general ways; strength, endurance, and muscle size. If your other muscles look too big in comparison to your Trapezius or ‘Traps’ then you may want to add some moderate repetition, dumbbell shrugs into your home workout routine. That’s just one example of the many situations that can arise over the course of our fitness journeys.

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