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Cold and Flu Season - Fighting Back with Do Terra Essential Oils

Hey there, Fitness Junkies!

How is your Winter season going? Or should I say, “How is your Cold and Flu season going? Hopefully you are avoiding the misery of being sick through the practice of healthy habits. Unfortunately, it seems that we can't always control whether or not we get sick. However, it seems that I have found a way to prevent catching a cold.

So far this Cold and Flu season, I have managed to not get sick. Yes, I have been stuffed, and congested but nothing too serious. Nothing that has left me sick in bed, or coughing every five minutes.

For fear of jinxing myself, I was tempted to not write about this until the season was over. However, I felt that this is just too good to wait for.

The reason that this cold and flu season has been different for me is because I have been using Do Terra essential oils to keep myself healthy. I'll get into my reasoning for Do Terra soon, but first I want to mention that there are two main things that we must keep in check in order to stay healthy and they are

  1. Nutrition, and
  2. Workouts

By staying on top of those two things, we can avoid most ailments, or at least significantly reduce their symptoms. Now if we want to take it a step further, we can introduce other remedies such as the use of essential oils.

Now I'm sure that there are a variety of good oils out there, but I like to use Do Terra for two main reasons:

  1. They work (at least for the things that I have used them for), and
  2. They offer specialized blends of oils that are mixed together for maximum benefit

There are a vast variety of oils with a vast variety of different uses, so in order to stick to the scope of this post, I'm going to mention two Do Terra oil blends that I find to be particularly beneficial (especially for cold and flu season). They are:

  • Breathe, and
  • On Guard

On their website, Do Terra tells you exactly what is in these blends so if you want to try and recreate your own blend with less expensive oils, be my guest. For me personally, I've used these blends before and I know that they work.

Now the way that I use these oils is by diffusing them into the air. I found an oil diffuser on Amazon and it has worked out great. Not all oils are good for diffusing, but these ones are. I believe that one of the key reasons for my success is that I started using the diffuser back around September or October.

By keeping my body healthy (especially my sinuses) I believe that I have been able to fight off diseases as they come. If you want to fight back against cold and flu season and learn more about these oils and where you can get them, click here.

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